Biospecimen Requests

Human biofluids and tissue for aging and neurodegeneration research is key to bringing new knowledge into the field. Investigators may request to use CADRC biospecimen resources. Interested investigators are asked to work closely with the Translational Therapeutics Corewhich will coordinate with the Neuropathology and Biomarker Cores, to submit a request to use CADRC resources. The CADRC Data Management and Statistics Core presently shares data (de-identified) with the NIA national database (NACC) and independent qualified investigators within and outside the CADRC. Confidentiality of CADRC subjects is carefully protected. Investigators must agree to acknowledge NIA funding and CADRC Translational Therapeutics Core support, and to submit accepted manuscripts to PubMed Central. 

Researchers may start this process by contacting the
Translational Therapeutics