Meet the CADRC Minority Advisory Board (MAB)

MAB First In Person Meeting in 2 Years!

Dr. Haines Presenting overview of his most recent NIH-funded grant on Dementia genetics

The Minority Advisory Board (MAB) is a significate part of engaging community members to help with getting the word out about the CADRC and to assistant in the recruitment of minority participants into the study.

Martha Sajatovic, MD, Core Leader of the Outreach Recruitment Engagement Core/OREC & Edna Fuentes-Casiano, Senior Outreach Coordinator of the Outreach Recruitment Engagement Core/OREC hosted the meeting August 9, 2022 at the W.O. Walker Building with an interesting and packed agenda. The program featured 2 speakers, Dr. Greg Hall and Dr. Jonathan Haines. Dr. Haines presented a high-level overview of his most recent NIH-funded grant on dementia genetics. Dr. Hall presented information on a new Men’s Health Center being initiated at University Hospitals. The MAB will continue to meet every other month to continue their efforts in raising dementia awareness, linking CADRC scientists and community stakeholders and recruiting more research participants from under-represented groups into research.

Recruiting participants for research studies is difficult, but it’s even more difficult to engage individuals that have been historically under represented in dementia research samples. This is extremely unfortunate given that African-American and Hispanic individuals bear the brunt of dementia burden and are 1.5-2 x more likely to have dementia. That is why we have created the MAB to assist us in the effort. They are experts by experience and have the skills and talents to help us achieve equity in research engagement and participation.

The Minority Advisory Board will continue to meet throughout the year, generally every other month on the second Tuesday at 4pm. The next meeting scheduled is 10-18-22 and will be meeting virtually through zoom.

CADRC Minority Advisory Board

MAB Members

Tonya Austin

Kellee Bacote

Heidi Barham

Erma Boykin

Michaela Broadnax

Edna Fuentes-Casiano MAB Coordinator

Annie Glover

Doretha Grant

Rev. Holland

Devon Jones

Rev. Knuckles

Rochelle Long

Nancy Mercado

Diana Morris

Angelica Pozo

Denise Rucker Burton

Giohoa Ryan

Aqeel Seals

Steven Slaughter

Carolyn Still, PhD

Angelia Vannoy

Darlene Walker