Biomarker Core

The CADRC Biomarker Core (BC) resources allow researchers to address the complex underlying biological aspects of AD/ADRD by the longitudinal collection of biospecimens, such as cerebrospinal fluid and plasma. Donation of biospecimens by CADRC participants greatly accelerates the understanding of AD/ADRD by enhancing discovery of effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

The BC is located at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute. The CADRC BC provides a critical resource for research studies (both within and outside of the CADRC) by providing biospecimens and analyses that utilize standardized procedures for broad utilization and sharing of data across NIH Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers according to best practices guidelines. 

The primary goals of the CADRC BC are to:

  • Process, store and inventory CADRC participant biospecimens.
  • Perform systematic genetic and biomarker analysis of these samples.
  • Transfer DNA and other biospecimens to NCRAD, other CADRC investigators as well as other regional, national/international investigators.
  • Transfer inventory data and biomarker results to the DMSC for successful uploading to the NACC Database.

BC activities are highly interconnected with other CADRC cores including the Administrative Core (AC), the Research Education Component (REC), the Translational Therapeutics Core (TTC), the Data Management and Statistical Core (DMSC), and the Clinical Core (CC).

  • The Clinical Core (CC) is responsible for consent, clinical evaluations, biospecimen collection and transfer to the BC.
  • The data generated by the BC is stored and managed by the Data Management and Statistical Core (DMSC) and transferred to NACC.
  • The Administrative Core (AC) manages the single IRB (sIRB) and material transfer agreements (MTA) necessary for biospecimen transfers to and from the BC.
  • The BC provides consultation, biospecimens and results of analyses to Research Education Component (REC) junior investigators, and to Translational Therapeutics Core (TTC) project awardees.
  • The BC also trains investigators in the nuances of neurodegenerative disease biomarker research.


Dr. Lynn M. Bekris, Biomarker Core Director

Dr. James Leverenz, Biomarker Core Co-Director

Dr. Allison Kraus, Biomarker Core Co-Investigator

Shane Formica, Senior Research Technologist

Maria Khrestian, Senior Research Technologist

Elizabeth Tuason, Data Analyst and Bioinformatician

Jessica Lee, Research Coordinator

Biomarker Core lab personnel