Meet the MAB Members

Doretha Grant

Doretha Grant

Doretha Grant is a retired Computer System Development/Human Resource Manager, Process Improvement Specialist who currently works part-time managing the file room at a Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Firm.

Alzheimer’s Disease is very important to me because I have experienced the loss of a dear sister, a proud, influential high school educator who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease years after her retirement. 

I got involved with Alzheimer’s Research after inviting Dr. Lerner to make a presentation about Alzheimer’s Disease in 2017 at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church during our Otis Moss, Jr. Christian Education Academy Week.  Since then, I have been involved with MAB for more than two years.  It is my desire to do all I can to include minorities in the research study so that one day someone may contribute to the development of a cure or an effective treatment of this disease for all people.

My favorite past time activity is researching and visiting national parks and special, historic places of interest.